Ramsell Public Health & Safety understands the critical role that each of you play and below we describe the key stakeholders that we work with individually, as well as through collaborative efforts county wide.

Despite limited resources and adequate funding, public agencies are challenged with improving outcomes while increasing efficiency. We recognize that while this demand is the same across board, the ways in which this can be achieved may differ from one agency to the next. The common goal, however remains the same; safe, thriving and healthy communities.

Department of Corrections

Responsible for operating and overseeing state prisons and parole systems, the Department of Corrections is vital to successfully enhancing public safety. Its primary goal is to provide individuals with opportunities that will prevent them from reengaging in criminal behavior.

Ramsell Public Health & Safety further assists these efforts by helping formerly incarcerated individuals gain access to essential physical and behavioral health care services. Providing this much needed support allows for the effective use of correctional funds, thus reducing the overall costs associated with recidivism.

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Probation Department

Committed to protecting and maintaining safe communities, the Probation Department is an integral part of the justice system.  Many of the efforts directed toward the rehabilitation of past offenders are considered reimbursable activities by the state and federal government. Ramsell Public Health and Safety’s solutions assure accurate accounting of these activities, which can result in additional revenue for the department.

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Department of Public Health

The Department of Public Health seeks to achieve numerous strategic and operational goals that ultimately serve to strengthen the public health infrastructure. Preventing, preparing, and responding to health threats; increasing the quality of health; reducing disparities; improving effectiveness of services provided; and assuring access to physical and mental health care are all targeted goals.

Ramsell Public Health and Safety’s solutions empower the attainment of the department’s goals by promoting health and well-being of communities. Guided by similar principles of improving outcomes, Ramsell Public Health and Safety is considered a partner of the Department of Public Health, its administrators and the communities it serves.

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Department of Mental Health

Assuring access to services and support that meet the mental health needs of individuals is critical to improving well-being and positive participation in communities. Oftentimes, the services the Department of Mental Health’s include services for prevention and treatment of substance use and abuse. Improving access to these services for people who come into contact with the criminal justice system helps to create a framework for reducing recidivism and promoting recovery.

Ramsell Public Health & Safety’s solutions improve access to the resources essential to providing these necessary services. Our solutions foster collaboration among the key participants that play a role in implementing evidenced-based practices to reduce recidivism.

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Local, State and Federal Legislators

As an elected representative you are charged with oversight and allocation of funding for agencies that are responsible for building safe, healthy and thriving communities.

Ramsell Public Health & Safety’s solutions provide tools and expertise that helps measure effectiveness while increasing revenue by maximizing federal reimbursement.

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Sheriffs Department

The Sheriffs Department’s commitment to public safety involves the coordination and cooperation of communities and civic and justice involved agencies. Ramsell Public Health & Safety solutions provide an integrated approach that aligns these strategies and priorities that result in safer communities.

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