Ramsell Public Health & Safety’s flexible consulting services and pricing models provide you with the ability to pick and choose the services that make sense for your agency.

Our Medicaid services team is an industry leader in providing technical assistance in the field of Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) or Targeted Case Management (TCM) and we’re highly experienced in assessing, implementing and training your department to maximize reimbursement dollars while minimizing disruption to your current workflow.


Our Consulting team can help your agencies with:



  • Define your agency’s potential claiming unit and its eligible participants
  • Estimate anticipated reimbursement through MAC/MAA or TCM
  • Prepare a comprehensive report that includes recommended next steps


  • Develop MAC/MAA Claim Plan or TCM Roadmap
  • Complete function grids that define job classifications and the associated MAC/MAA and TCM activity codes
  • Prepare duty statements that align job descriptions with function grids
  • Draft and revise agreements with your state and, if applicable, community-based providers
  • Develop solutions for maintaining client files


  • Analyze accounting data from general ledger and payroll to ensure compliance with MAC/MAA or TCM requirements
  • Prepare TCM cost reports
  • Invoice TCM encounters
  • Prepare MAC/MAA invoices


  • Prepare and maintain audit binder containing supporting documentation
  • Act as representative, advocate, and expert witness in event of an audit


  • Conduct on-site time survey and other program training for participating staff and administrators
  • Customize training materials and reference guides for your agency
  • Online and follow-up training

Optimization Strategy

  • Analyze your claiming data and craft strategies to maximize reimbursement
  • Advise and prepare you for program and policy changes at state and federal levels

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