With the passage of the Affordable  Care Act making many of the activities that your staff are already performing reimbursable, doing so has become an increased priority.

Ramsell Public Health & Safety’s Program Management Team will implement and manage your entire Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC), Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) or Targeted Case Management (TCM) programs, resulting in increased revenue for your agency. Through use of our ClaimTime application, our team of Medicaid reimbursement, accounting and finance experts will monitor the work of your staff, freeing supervisors to focus on managing the quality of their employees’ work and maximizing your department’s goals and desired outcomes.

From program implementation through the receipt of payment, our team of experts in MAC/MAA and TCM help your departments comply and keep up-to-date with all Medicaid/Medi-Cal guidelines while helping you optimize processes and maximizing your reimbursement dollars for administrative and case management activities you provide to Medicaid/Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

Through the use of our game-changing, proprietary web and mobile app,

our Program Management team effectively monitors the time and reimbursable activity logged by your staff.


ClaimTime will allow your workforce to:

  • Reconcile time studies with payroll system
  • Access accounting programs
  • Generate invoices and TCM cost reports
  • Digitally store all data needed to respond to audits

ClaimTime gives supervisors the ability to:

  • Receive comprehensive real-time reporting
  • Analyze data
  • Identify trends and anomalies
  • Make necessary corrections to ensure that your program is compliant and on track for success

Help Desk

Our staff of MAC/TCM experts will quickly and efficiently help you resolve any issues.

Client File Maintenance

Our team reviews your existing case management system and, if needed, recommend tools and enhancements aimed at ensuring program compliance, efficiency and optimization.

Participant Intervention

We will proactively contact and support employees that need assistance with completing their time studies.

Real-Time Data Monitoring

Our data analysts will regularly review time study data to track performance against projections, quickly identifying outlying data or unusual activity so it can be investigated and corrected before it affects compliance or your bottom line.

We are so confident that our Program Management team will deliver results, that we are willing to defer a portion of our fees until after you’ve received payments for your MAC/TCM activities. We will even agree to make a portion of our fees contingent on the amount you recover.
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